At the dispense of Denver

20160417_154804I finally turned 21 and decided  to take a trip to Denver with my boyfriend Benjamin to experience the Colorado high life. We were so excited to experience what we can’t experience in Texas, the legalization of marijuana. It was about a 10 hour drive from El Paso to Denver but it was worth it when we arrived.

We got to Denver on Friday morning and our first stop was tolocal dispensaries where we stocked up for the days to come. On Friday we spent our day high and roaming around Denver. We chilled at a park and tried the edibles we had just purchased. We had to wait til 4pm to check into our hotel that was okay with me because we had a dispensary right behind our hotel, soregardless we had something to do. Once we actually checked in we were able toactually smoke the flower we bought and relax in the room after our traveling.

Saturday, we checked out 420 Fest in the morning and continued our high adventures around Denver. The people here seemed so sketchyand untrustworthy but everyone left us alone. There weren’t a lot of people outand about because it was snowing the whole time and was freezing temperatures.It was crazy to experience snow going for more than two days. I am from thedesert, we’re not used to that. It was a good thing the snow wasn’t overwhelmingand the air felt really fresh; the environment added to the peacefulness of our highs.


The best day for me was on Sunday when we visited the aquarium they had so many pretty fish and a great set up. We ate at the restaurantthere, I ate their shrimp platter but I am pretty sure it got me sick. At leastI got to try shrimp that was served like jalapeno poppers, they were amazing. Right after that we looked at a few more dispensaries and a gift shop then headed home.

Here are some of my personal favorite purchases made on the trip:


This is a tinqture and it was by far my favorite edible. The high it gave me was like an energy boost. I choose this one wisely because we were going to be active throughout the day and I wanted something that will keep me awake. I picked the sativa, agave flavor and it did just that kept us awake and active. I felt really good, my body muscles were relaxed as if I had done some stretches. I recommend this product for people with headaches, muscle aches and if you have a hard time waking up in the morning this is the best motivator. All you have to do is pour some under your tongue and let your body absorb it. I spent $27 on this bottle which is a good price.

The Sour and Fruity Bears were another good buy because theytasted super sweet with a little pot taste and they get you feeling wavy. Theywere awesome because they didn’t hit you right away but when they eventuallydo, they get you really good. I bought these for $20 and recommend them forpeople who just want to chill with their friends and giggle to silly things.

This was the most intense item we tried. We smoked this outof our vape-pen and this was the hardest hitter of them all. A little bit ofthis either smoked or eaten, it will get you and put you to sleep. That’sliterally what it did, it put us to sleep about 30 minutes into this high. Theonly thing I didn’t like about this product is that it does make you feeldrowsy. I recommend this product for people who has very bad body pains.

What I though overall about the dispensaries:

I really expected to be speaking with experts when I went tothe first few dispensaries. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like the sellersreally knew what they were talking about as far as their products go and that reallydisappointed me. Once dispensary even sold us a tinqture for $27 and triedselling us the same product the next day for $45…. Just because we’re notlocals to Colorado doesn’t mean we don’t know anything about the marijuanaindustry. In fact some of the shops made me feel like we Texans knew more aboutwhat they were selling then they did.  Itwasn’t until we went deeper into downtown Denver when we went to two dispensarieswith people who knew what they were talking about. Luckily, we knew what wasup, so I will defiantly make plans to go back, especially when the weather is nicer.


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