Keep feeling, Cancer.


The Cancer sign loves to be at comfort, especially in their own home.  The Cancer sign is also amazing at making people feel like you’re at home when you’re with them. These signs feel with all their hearts and have no problem expressing it.  You may catch the Cancer walking with a smile on their faces,  approaching their loved ones with hugs and positive vibes when they’re in a good mood.  Catch a Cancer in a bad state of mind and you will see them experience deep depressions and isolation from others.  Pain is only temporary if you understand that you can overcome it my Cancer friend.  Right now,  you may be feeling self doubt and anger from a dispute you have had with a loved one.  Be humble Cancer and approach the issue with the intent to resolve the problem, not shove your emotions down his/her throat.

Listen to what your earth friend (Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus ) has to say to you.  You need them to keep you grounded, especially with your emotions. Just don’t forget to let yourself feel the emotions you need to feel to get over your current obstacle.



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