Growing up I considered myself a democrat with an individualistic mentality, although I didn’t know why. I knew that my mom was also a democrat and I trusted my mom’s opinion. George W. Bush was the president for most of my childhood and my mom wasn’t a big supporter of him. I knew he was a republican and being a “democrat”, I didn’t like him. I was old enough to understand that the 9/11 incident was a tragedy to our country and even till this day, it brings out sadness in me when I think about it; This is the bases of my ideal in politics, the attacks on the twin towers. As a child, school taught me that the attacks were done by terrorists. As a child, my family believed that Bush had something to do with the whole attack. The idea that Bush, our own president could be responsible for so many American deaths, really did give me a negative view on politics overall. Little did I know that this controversy was shaping who I was as a participant in politics.

In 2008, I was honored to be a student of Ms. Yslas, an American History teacher. She taught us all we had to know about the development of the United States, but also taught me the importance of the common man. Her favorite president was Andrew Jackson, Mr. Common man himself. If you didn’t know, Jackson was the 7th president and represents the Democratic Party. He was one of the first presidents to want more/better for the regular Americans, that weren’t wealthy like him. Jackson may have been a huge advocate for benefits for the wealthy man but hated the Native Americans and wanted them moved out of “American territory”. Jackson was responsible for the Trail of Tears, which relocated thousands of Natives to reservations in the Southwest. A lot of Natives died on that trip, some from disease, cold temperatures, and starvation. Andrew Jackson, the common man, responsible for the death of thousands of innocent Natives. Why did Ms. Yslas teach us this? What message did she really want us to get out of the lecture? The message I got was that you will never get a perfect politician, there will always be a down side and an upside to every person involved in politics. This was around the time Barack Obama was inaugurated into office, I remember because I watched his inauguration on TV in Ms. Yslas’ class. Barack Obama, our new democratic president, this was the time in my life that I felt there was hope for political change and a president I can trust is in office now.

It’s now 2016, Obama has served 2 terms and it’s time for a new president to take the oval office. I have been watching the democratic debates because they make more sense than the republicans and I don’t want to waste my time on stupidity. The Democratic candidates of the 2016 Presidential election had a debate discussing changes they want for America. Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley talk about important topics like universal health care, global warming, gun control, police violence and international affairs in Charleston, SC on Jan 17.  The candidate that inspires me is Bernie Sanders. Although America is one of the most powerful countries in the world, we still do not have free health care for all our citizens. Bernie Sanders is running for universal health care for every American and believes it’s a right to be insured. Some may even argue that getting free healthcare is one of our unalienable rights. Many American’s lives are cut short because they don’t have access to healthcare and can’t afford medical help. On top of that, Sanders states that Americans pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs and the most per person in medical fees. He says Americans pay three times as much as the British and 50 percent more than the French and Canadian. Sanders says he wants to put private insurance companies out of business and “the drug companies that are ripping off the American people and charges us the highest prices in the world don’t like it, tough luck.” If Sanders is elected President he will find a way to get insurance for every American (through taxes, of course) in a cheaper way like other countries in the world.  Sanders believes that if other countries can do this successfully, so can the United States. This amazes me because universal healthcare is an idea that I have always wanted for my country and I am really excited to know there is an active candidate who wants the same as I do. I put the United States on a really high pedestal but I am tired of hearing my peers say they want to move to Canada for free healthcare. We are AMERICA people, we should have already have had access to free healthcare for every citizen.

This idea hits hard to home because I recently went to the hospital for an intense pain I had in my stomach. I was so scared that thinking I was going to be taken care of, I went to the hospital. The doctors were nice and ran tests on me and the only thing they were able to tell me is that I should visit a kidney doctor. Then I was given Penicillin and had an allergic reaction. I thought I was going to die; As the Penicillin was being inserted into my body, I could feel my torso slowly sinking into my bed, my thoughts became unclear and I felt confusion. I became to cough lightly, and then the coughing got heavier. Instantly, my face started feeling hot and painful tingling spread throughout my body. My entire body was swelled up. My boyfriend was by my side, calling for the nurse who took forever to come to me. She gave me a bag to vomit in and vomited I did and did and continued to do. The nurse gave me Benadryl, a few seconds flew and I was able to breathe again. My skin was left with hives and my head hurt so much. I was physically and mentally exhausted. One month later, I got a bill in the mail from the hospital asking for the $1500 I owed them. I now have to pay hospital bills for not knowing why I had pains in the first place and for an allergic reaction off of their medicine; they shouldn’t have given me in the first place. Despite having the pain in my stomach, that may or may not be my kidney, I will not be going back to the doctor or hospital. I simply can’t afford to get medical help; my insurance company wasn’t there to back me up as much as I would like them too. The worst part of this whole experience is that I realized there are people in worse conditions, who also can’t afford to get the medical help they need.

One of the realest topics affecting every single person on this planet is climate change. We have seen the depressing data of how much hotter temperatures have been recorded and see those changes in our everyday lives. Summers are more devastating and our winters aren’t as white as they once were. The candidates are asked about their stands on Earth’s temperatures rising because the use of fossil fuels, coals and oils is being used for energy. Bernie Sanders is very much aware that there is a serious problem that has to be resolved with climate changes and is shocked that the Republican Party doesn’t believe the changes are real. Sanders knows that the Republicans are funded by oil companies so they won’t address the real problems like this. He even went on to explain that Republican candidate Donald Trump thinks global warming was invented by the Chinese. Luckily for the world, Sanders was able to identify that the younger community and generation recognizes climate change as a severe issue and want a resolution. He wants to work to moving away from fossil fuels to renewable resources for the energy we need. His efforts will produce many jobs, will change the way America has been reacting to global warming and will make us be progressive like other countries already making big efforts.

America is facing an issue with police officers and the accusations of them being racist and overly aggressive with suspects or people they have just arrested. We see videos online and reports on the news of officers abusing their power resulting in the deaths of several people, of different races. Sanders was asked how he would deal with police brutality during his presidency and responded with he wants any case that someone dies in police custody to be investigates by the attorney general. This is in the belief that each case will be reviewed fairly because he wants any police officer that breaks the law to be held responsible for his crime. Sanders also wants the police officers to “look like the communities they serve”, which means his wants to see more of diversity in the police department. The issue of gun safety laws is a big deal the next president will have to address. Bernie Sanders has been supported an instant background check for people who want to buy a gun for a long time. He wants to make sure they have clean backgrounds and no mental sickness. If Sanders is president he will work to tougher gun laws. When asked about changing his views on the gunsaler immunity he responded and said that it was a bill that had to be reviewed more. He also added that a “small mom and pop shop” that sells a gun to a dangerous shooter shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions. In the debate the Sanders, Clinton and O’ Malley discussed American relations with Iran. Bernie Sanders knows that we need to come to a normal relation with Iran as quick as possible. We are on an understanding that our views are different but Sanders wants to be progressive and positive towards the Iran deal. He is really satisfied that Iran was not allowed to have nuclear weapons and is pleased we didn’t have to go to war. Sanders still feels like we should be cautious of Iran’s actions but wants America to keep moving forward with warm relations. Bernie Sanders is who I am going to vote for in the 2016 Presidential election. I believe he will move America in the progressive movement I want to see.

The typology I got was Solid Liberal and it doesn’t surprise me at all. The description says, “Solid Liberals are very optimistic about the nation’s future and are the most likely to sat that American’s success is linked to its ability to change”, I completely agree with that statement. Solid Liberals also believe in good diplomacy to ensure peace. I don’t like that the stats show only 15% of the population are also Solid Liberals. The social characteristics of Solid Liberals actually do fit me. They believe the government should help out the poor more, even if it means debt. Liberals also supported Obama and have higher educations. Solids liberals also prefer to live in cities, which fits me so well. 56% of Solid Liberals are women, last time I checked I was a 20 year old woman, but only 24%  of us are the between the ages of 18-29. I am really surprised to see that only 8% of Solid Liberals are Hispanic, I really did think there would be more Hispanics. What doesn’t surprise me is that 30% of us have some college education but 59% are actual graduates. I will eventually be part of that 59%, for now I am the 30%. I only make $22 thousand a year; Only 26% of Solid Liberals make less than $3o thousand a year. Overall, the income range is pretty evened out; 32% make between $30,000- $74,999, while 34% make more than $75 thousand. There are no republicans with a Solid Liberal mentality, but 61$ of us are Democrats, obviously. The other percentage is Independent, whatever that means. Go Democrats!!


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