The Visit; my review


My babe and I rented “The Visit” from Blockbuster; I hadn’t been in a Blockbuster for several years, being there brought back alot of childhood memories with my family. It was a more fulfilling experience walking the aisles looking for what we want, instead of pressing buttons and streaming. Going to rent the movie made the movie watching experience more physical and proactive. As if the movie was the award for the trip we had to take to go get it……. I feel lazy now.

“The Visit” is a thriller/ horror picked up by Universal Studios and distributed as a showcase film in September 2015. Showcase means that it was played in a few theaters and would be shown more/less depending on ticket sales. This movie was in theaters for a while, but I’m unsure how long.  Financially the movie was a major success. The budget for the film was $5,000,000 and made $25,427,560 opening weekend alone. To this date,  the film made $65,069,140; those are pretty big numbers. In a creative point of view, the movie was a huge success. I think the use of Mise En Scene was my favorite part.  Mise En Scene is what the film is showing you by the environment, not by telling the audience. Becca, one of the main characters, is filming the documentary about her visit to her grandparents and even says in the movie that she likes to use this technique. Throughout the movie,  Becca films the clock to let us know the time of day and we even get some creepy answer to our questions through Mise En Scene.

I thought this movie was really creepy and it did really well on the thriller feel. I really do suggest this movie for your dark, quiet home, movie night. I don’t want to give anything away about the plot but it’s totally worth it to see the film.


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