Don’t stop, Aries!!

El Paso Times, Friday, Feb 19, 2016

Aries (fire sign), we are coming into your season, Spring. The time of the year that you naturally become one with the season and grow,  find yourself and come back to life. Aries, you are a strong individual and one of your best characteristics is that you’re a fighter.  Don’t stop,  whatever obstacles you’re facing, your ram head will get you though it.  This is Aries time to excel, so motivate yourself to get something accomplished today.  It’s destined for greatness; Even your intuition knows it.  There may be a loved one giving you negative feedback and may tell you to give up on your dream.  Don’t stop Aries.

I suggest you talk to an Air Sign (Libra, Gemini and Aquarius) in your life, about a change or project you’re working on. Without air,  there is nothing to guide your flame.


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